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African-Americans: The Real Story Behind The Industrial Age, Blues, and Jazz

August 17, 20120 Comments

Blues & Jazz is music African-Americans used to tell the world of their pain & struggle. African-Americans also invented a lot agricultural, electrical, mechanical equipment, etc. that put America out front of other Western nations technology wise. Check out “The Real Story Behind The Industrial Age” and how African-Americans played a significant Role in it. […]

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Learn to Play Gospel Piano, Organ, Drums, Guitar, or Sing by Ear

August 12, 20120 Comments

 1. Jermaine Griggs, 28, is a minister, musician, entrepreneur, and public speaker. Having grown   up in the inner city of Long Beach with just his mom and sister, he always envisioned life on the other side of the tracks. At the tender age of 16, he decided to focus on his passion and started Hear and Play […]

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