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I only have eyes for you – by the Flamingos

April 13, 20130 Comments

Beautiful song.

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Trayvon Martin, White Denial and the Unacceptable Burden of Blackness in America

August 18, 20121 Comment

By Tim Wise March 21. 2012 By now, you probably know the shameful details, but they are worth repeating, in any event. On the evening of February 26, George Zimmerman, a self-appointed “neighborhood watch captain” in an Orlando suburb, shot and killed 17-year old Trayvon Martin. Because Martin was black. And no, don’t even think […]

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Saggin’ pants: A conspiracy against Black men

August 11, 20120 Comments

The popular propaganda , that saggin’ began in jail, is a lie of white supremacists. The black community’s  first exposure  to sagging came from the music industry, showing black boys and men, on album covers, wearing their pants below their waistlines. The lie itself was that it began in prisons, where black men allegedly were […]

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