Murder and Genocide of Black People

Silent March to End Stop and Frisk – New York City – Father’s Day

September 3, 20120 Comments

Voices from the Silent March to End Stop and Frisk in New York City on Father’s Day, June 17, 2012. All Things Harlem spoke to a diverse group about the march and the NYPD’s policy of stop and frisk. – Called, “Civil Rights, Faith, Labor and Community groups together for a silent march against […]

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Military Officers bet on lives of Blacks unloading nuclear munitions: Port Chicago Mutiny

August 21, 20120 Comments

An overwhelming explosion of thousands of tons of naval munitions blew up an American city killing hundreds in July 1944. With the help of many of the Contra Costa historical societies, local students put together a documentary of this tragic event. The video also touches on the racism that influenced this disaster. Port Chicago Mutiny […]

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Black US Soldiers in Australia Part 1 of 6

August 19, 20120 Comments

Part 1 of a 6 part Australian documentary about black soldiers during World War 2. You can buy the DVD of the whole documentary for A$38 from: There’s also a free “study guide” that you can download from the same site. Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

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Trayvon Martin, White Denial and the Unacceptable Burden of Blackness in America

August 18, 20121 Comment

By Tim Wise March 21. 2012 By now, you probably know the shameful details, but they are worth repeating, in any event. On the evening of February 26, George Zimmerman, a self-appointed “neighborhood watch captain” in an Orlando suburb, shot and killed 17-year old Trayvon Martin. Because Martin was black. And no, don’t even think […]

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The Black Holocaust

August 18, 20120 Comments

Every Black man, woman, and child, worldwide, should watch this series. Part 2 Eugenicists believed that blacks were inferior, and should be exterminated. Part 3  Adolf Hitler got his ideas from American. Madison Grant The passing of the great race THE BLACK HOLOCAUST PT.4  Forced Sterilization Part 5 Forced Sterilization of Blacks alive today THE BLACK […]

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August 16, 20120 Comments

Get out of America; go to Africa. Extermination of black people eminent- worldwide.  This is the goal of white supremacy, and always has been. Be aware of fabricated social disorder. The beginning is a little difficult to hear, but after 2-3 minutes, excellent audio. Radio program.

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LaVena Johnson’s murder

August 16, 20120 Comments

Demand investigation of Army’s cover-up of LaVena Johnson’s murder LaVena Johnson was a 19 year old Private in the Army, serving in Iraq, when she was raped, murdered, and her body burned–by someone from her own military base. Despite overwhelming physical evidence, the Army suddenly called it a suicide and closed the case.1 For […]

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United States Air Force Dumps Soldiers Body In Landfill!!!!

August 12, 20120 Comments

Air Force dumped ashes of more troops’ remains in Va. landfill than acknowledged- Washington Post By Craig Whitlock and Mary Pat Flaherty, Published: December 7, 2011 The Air Force dumped the incinerated partial remains of at least 274 American troops in a Virginia landfill, far more than the military had acknowledged, before halting the secretive practice three years ago, records […]

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