The Fake Truth Movement – Controlled Opposition – Disinfo Agents of the Satanic Illuminati

February 16, 20130 Comments

The Satanic Illuminati Mark of the Beast 666 Agenda Exposed

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John Baxter Taylor: First African-American Gold Medalist

August 20, 20120 Comments

John Baxter Taylor Jr. was a Veterinarian, born 11/3/83, in Washington DC, and was the first Black American to win an Olympic Gold Medal. After running the 3rd leg of the 400 meters, he won it the medal in track and field. Though he died at the tender age of 26, on 12/6/1908, only 5 months after setting […]

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Melyssa Ford Talks About Satanic Contracts

August 15, 20120 Comments

Model and Actress Melyssa Ford Talks About Satanic Contracts. Melyssa Savannah Ford is a Canadian model and actress. She attended York University and studied in the field of forensic psychology. Ford’s father is Afro-Barbadian and her mother is Russian and Norwegian. Wikipedia

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