Christian Black versus Non-Christian Black: Evidence?

This video is a part of a playlist, and since it has auto play, you can see all 7 parts.

The pages are for believers, and non believers. Though I am of the former group, I see real and concrete evidence that white supremacists have changed so much history, and covered up so much truth, causing many black people to abandon the slave master’s religion.

That, in the name of Christianity, white supremacists have committed unconscionable sins against people of color, including the men and women of the diaspora, means that white supremacy is Satan’s kingdom on earth, or that the Christian religion was hijacked and twisted to establish and support Satan’s white supremacy kingdom,  by any means necessary.

For example, American slavery was justified using a false argument of Black Hamitic people being destined to serve the white man., but now they are claiming a Hamitic origin because the people of ancient Africa, responsible for so much hidden history of the world, were Hamitic. Instead of claiming their lineage as being from Japheth, revisionist white supremacists are constantly presenting false arguments and false evidence to steal our ancient history, just as they are doing today with our recent history.

So you can make up your own mind. by watching the videos I’ve assembled here, you will have enough evidence to draw your own conclusions, or not.




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