Cokely goes up against Jewish extremist Irv Rubin on CNN’s Crossfire (1988)

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Steve Cokely died on April 11, 2012. Steve was born June 17, 1952, and was the father of 3 children. Wikipedia

A Master Teacher from Chicago (C-Medina/C-God) who was a indirect mentor through lectures and cable access programs like Shock of The Hour and many others. The drum shall be beaten, I stand on my soapbox for you brotha Cokely. Hotep!GodPolymath

thats a big lie,there’s no such thing as asian racism or black racism there’s only one and thats white Mr.Fuller calls it refines racism its so refined you cant detect it when its starring you in the face,all action blacks do is the end result of white supremacy and sadly most people will NEVER figure this system out.marie1w

Who put the drugs on the streets? Who kills black leaders that promote peace? Who attacks the rappers that have positive messages and promotes those that sell poison? poeticpagesmig16

5:22 Irv’s eyes begin to bother him after being bombarded with factual statistics….CNN observing this obvious lose of control by Irv, quickly jumps solely to Cokely instead of maintaining the traditional debating visual of both men. Scaly? NovaiSwag

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