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Dr. Johnson:  One of the biggest reasons, or ways, that desensitization has taken place is by way of the massive indoctrination of Black parents with the belief that the system has the best interest of their children at heart.

Many black parents especially mothers find it difficult to understand that there is a psycho-academic war against Black children in general, and Black boys in particular.

I think that the menticide of the Black parent is actually making them an active participant in the mis-education and extermination of their children because they are finding it difficult to believe that society would be determined to marginalize and harm an entire generation of children.  And unfortunately, until they come to the realization that that is exactly what is happening to their sons and daughters, it is going to be difficult to reverse the carnage because children generally cannot protect and fend for themselves.

They need their communities and their families to do that for them.  So without the community and the family as a protective safeguard for the youth, I think that it will become eminently conclusive that one day there will be no more Black youth.

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