Europeans trying to Steal Jazz music

August 17, 20120 Comments

Jazz was created by African Americans. Period.

African-American music is an umbrella term given to a range of musics and musical genres emerging from or influenced by the culture of African Americans, who have long constituted a large and significant ethnic minority of the population of the United States.

Many of their ancestors were originally brought to North America to work as enslaved people, bringing with them polyrhythmic songs from hundreds of black African ethnic groups across West and sub-Saharan Africa. The convergence in the Americas of African peoples from different regions and from

This is the lie—>  multiple cultural traditions merged their music with influences from polkawaltzes and other European styles.

Later periods saw considerable innovation and change. African-American genres have been highly influential across socio-economic and racial groupings internationally, and has also enjoyed popularity on a global level. African-American music and all aspects of African-American culture are celebrated during Black History Month in February of each year in the United States. Wikepedia

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