Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti: Akoben Institute

August 17, 20120 Comments

A lecture on “Negroes” from the book Negroes and Other Essays.

People sense it. They can feel it in the air even though most cannot identify it or touch it. They know something is wrong, has been wrong, terribly wrong. But, whatever it is, it has run its course. It has returned home. For it has nowhere else to go. It can no longer hide behind blaming others. It is afraid. And its fear reacts with terror against anyone and anything within its reach.

Truth always surfaces. It cannot be hidden or Afrikans could not know what we know. But to set us free from this terror it must be acted upon. We must become the force of correction or our enslavement becomes more sophisticated and indefinite. Enslavers learn from and correct those mistakes that in the past threatened their reality with revolution from below.

These essays are merely my way of identifying and explaining this enigmatic wrong so it can correctly be dealt with, finally, forever. In the context of the wisdom of those who have earned the right to be called elders and ancestors, we must walk their path if we are to eliminate this chaos from humanity. In this quest, Afrikan warrior scholars must know we owe our people, answer only to the Universe and can no longer allow [e]uropeans to spread their destructive confusion. Of this, there can be no doubt.

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