Can You Name ONE Positive Stereotype About Black People

We can start to change the conversation about what it means to be Black in America right here, right now, today! Through our respective social networks we can spread the message the media denies. We Can No Longer Doubt Our Greatness!  

Janks Morton 

Every February I hear, or see, or read about the endless list of black people, throughout history, and now, who have broken many records, created many somethings, or accomplished phenomenal things, despite all of the odds stacked against them, in this cruel and wicked system,  yet they are never mentioned.

Instead, throughout the year, through every day, throughout every hour, I hear, or see, or read false accusations, and mis-characterizations about just one race of people- black people.


Over and over again we are told that all black males are criminals, (note- not black men), that black people are the new face of AIDS, that black people are homophobic, that black people have lower test scores than everyone else, that black people don’t read.

This list goes on.

But it’s not always blatant.

Despite the indescribable, natural charisma and charm, they are constantly maligned in the media, in the workplace, in the world. I see the subtle, and not so subtle, machinations of white supremacy’s unrelenting marginalization of a people, who, for 500 years, when the Portuguese preceded the British in settling in the US,  have lived in this country, worked the land, served in the military, given the world its language, culture and music and dance, and accomplished everything anyone could ever imagine, bringing billions to the US through sports, inventions, and entertainment.

Nevertheless,  television programs, commercials, radio shows, talk shows, sitcoms, dramas, especially police drams, drone into the American mind and soul, no, not just American, but worldwide audience, that black Americans are not human beings.


Even li’l Wayne succumbed to making an album, targeted at white kids, saying on its cover- I am not a human being. If you look at the cover, you will see the black face image created by the record company.







When Gabrielle Douglass broke all records, at the tender age of 16 at that, the white supremacist media decided to latch onto some arbitrary statements about her hair, written on twitter, supposedly, by some black women. Of course I don’t believe that black people wrote that, at least not black people that weren’t agents of white supremacy.





Likewise, recently, when Serena recently won at Wimbleton, yet again, that same wicked media machine focused on her doing the crip-walk. My question is why do white people feel it’s their duty to ontrol what we say, what we do, how we express ourselves? It’s the perpetual white supremacy paternalism over blacks. They are the children, we are the parents; they have recessive, but we have dominant genes. They were the last, but we were the first man on the earth. We were made from the earth; our blackness, in God’s image; our suffering from the wiles and actions of Satan, who said, he would be like the most high God. Just type crip-walk into YOU-TUBE and see if whites, doing the crip-walk, and stealing other aspects of our creations, are criticized.

In summary, Blacks should never apologize for being black, acting black, or creating black, while the world feels it’s their right to steal everything we do, and everything we are.

Serena Williams’ Crip Walk Dance Criticized As Inappropriate (VIDEO)

And Tiger woods was faced with comments about fried chicken, and more, distracting us from his record breaking accomplishments. That is how white supremacy operate; making it a media story.

Barry Bonds was arrested, and charged with a felony, for lying about steroids,  but Clinton walked away for lying to a grand jury. Clinton was protected, due to white privilege, but Obama wouldn’t be, had he lied to a grand jury, or even a lawyer.

Michael Vick was arrested for a crime, routinely committed by whites, who fight their dogs with impunity.

White kids seek out, and run over a black man, killing him and bragging.

White cops routinely kill unarmed black men, women and children, and the country sits by, making the excuses of white supremacy. The courts, and grand juries are incapable of metting out justice; America is incapable of meting out justice.





In the meantime, anti-racists, like Tim Wise, who learned from countless black men about white supremacy and the effects of racism and white privilege,  tries to wake up the white masses, with a message of the consequences of white privilege.



And there are many Black activists and historians, who study our real history, beginning in Africa, and constantly bang on the beast.

But with all of this, no one seems able to stop the wicked machine that is rolling over our people with a fury; no one can seemingly uproot a media, a government, a world system determined to wipe black people off of the face of the earth; a machine that has worked towards, and is determined to grab all of Africa, after annihilating its people.

And for those who try to stop it; they too will be punished, or murdered. It’s a system, a clandestine, secretive, yet very active system that we must be aware of in order to keep our truths, our sanity. Our survival, as a people, and that of our children depends on truth, knowledge, vigilance and sobriety. Protect our black men, women and children. Link up with others; straggling sheep are perfect fodder for the wolves. By tippihedron

Video author. Introducing Janks Morton, a brilliant brotha, who has done his research, time and again, who has come against the media machine to tell of our greatness, and expose the lies. In fact, No one has done more to dispel the lies, and bring truth to our people. After all, what is going on today is a battle for your minds, souls and hearts. You are the targets black men and women, and no one else. All else have countries, countries who are members of the UN, to protect them.

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