Saggin’ pants: A conspiracy against Black men

August 11, 20120 Comments

The popular propaganda , that saggin’ began in jail, is a lie of white supremacists. The black community’s  first exposure  to sagging came from the music industry, showing black boys and men, on album covers, wearing their pants below their waistlines.

The lie itself was that it began in prisons, where black men allegedly were offering themselves up for sex. This is ridiculous. Now think about it. What black man would do such a thing? Black men are the images of virility, and male prowess. They may engage in homosexual activity, but would never, in a million years, brag about it. In fact, there is a lot of shame associated with it, due to the Christian roots in most black people in America. The black race is generally sexually conservative. Taking these factors into consideration, you must realize that black men would be the last people to offer themselves up for prison rape, which itself is no joking matter.

So what you must realize is that there is a deliberate, and massive, campaign to sway black people towards homosexuality, along with a lot of other things that are designed to destroy us; in this case by decreasing the race’s ability to repopulate itself. In other words, it is a facet of population control.

So white supremacists, running the record labels, and the think tanks, have convinced young blacks to wear their pants in a way that they knew other blacks would imitate and emulate, showing their asses for no reason at all, but to follow what they think is acceptable, not knowing their enemies engineered their behaviors, even before they were brought into this world. Fathers remedy such behaviors, but the placing of black men in prison has remedied that presence. I do digress.

Over the years I have heard black people passing on these lies. I’ve worked in over 1 dozen prisons, and except for inmates who are suicidal, and deprived not only of belts, but of clothes, and anything else that may facilitate their suicidal efforts, everyone in prison has a belt, or pants that fit snugly around the waist.

The point is this; whites insult us routinely, often in clandestine and hidden ways.

So, someone tweeted that saggin’. a phrase coined by whites, that says, niggas when spelled backwards. Such slights are commonly hidden in white originated words, and phrases. Another one, revealed on the internet, is calling blacks Mondays, because allegedly no one likes Mondays. It’s a code word for nigger. 

Don’t believe everything you hear. Don’t be a follower, but be a leader. That is what God made you to be. Don’t get it twisted brothas and sistas. Don’t get it twisted. Stay strong, stay vigilant. Your enemy is like a roaring lion, powered by Satan, and seeking whom he may devour. Put on the full armor.

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