What’s going on?

August 11, 20120 Comments

In this increasingly challenging world, Marvin Gaye’s song, ‘What’s goin’ on’, is just as relevant as in was in 1972, when this recording was made. Enjoy the scenes of our communities before the crack epidemic was engineered. Enjoy the indescribable spirit in the room as he serenades our people.  The same spirit was in the room when the Kings of Comedy, Steve Harvey, did his thing, playing the music from the 70s.

You can see, you can feel the spirit in our people as you watch this, and recall what the music of our past, before we were hijacked, was all about. It was always about love, about peace, about justice. That is what this site is all about.

It’s about asking, what’s going on; it’s about celebrating a people; it’s about the mothers and fathers of civilization, and their struggles around the globe. It’s about our faith, our endless pursuit of justice, our brothers and sisters trying to survive in a world that emulates them, and tries to destroy them at the same time. It’s about us.

Don’t believe the hype; the propaganda; the lies about us; the slandering;the liable. It is to detract from our greatness, and buoy up white supremacy. Trust this. We are a beautiful people without whom the world would have long ago self destructed. Rise up and claim the beautiful gifts God has given you, and stay safe, stay strong, stay in love, truth and knowledge. Keep on banging on the beast, brothas and sistas.


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